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Our Inception in 2000

We have been supplying food manufacturing companies with replacement parts and equipment since our inception in 2000.  We continue to grow our product line as our customers grow and their production grows as well.

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Speco Distributor

Supplying the Speco product line was our first wise decision.  Speco has been supplying replacement grinder parts for over 95 years now.  From the small grinders and emulsifiers up to the Weiler and Wolfking grinders, we have all the grinder parts for your grinder.  We also have the Speco tooth rollers for your skinner.  Contact us for all your replacement parts.

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Zust Injector Needles

We are the United States distributor of Zust injector needles.  This was easily one of our best decisions.  We stock quite a few of the Belam, Fomaco, Metalquimia, Schroder (Wolf-Tec), and Townsend needles.  We can supply any needle for all makes and models of injectors.  Contact us for pricing and availability of your injector needles.

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Packaging Knives

We supply blades and knives for packaging and processing equipment.  We currently stock replacement circular blades for Multivac, PacMac and Omori equipment.  Along with these, we also can supply for all others.

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Slicing, Portioning, and Bowl Chopping Blades

We supply blades for slicers, portioners, and bowl choppers.  We can make any style, for any machine, with any serration style.  

Contact us today for your slicer blade needs. 

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